Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saturday Sketch-Time Warner

Last week's sketching was at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. The day was cold and early on there were very few people. As the hours passed, people arrived to eat. shop, walk and hangout. Most of our group was out due to the flu...can you sketch a virus?

Looking down from the north end

...from the south end

the big boteros look on

a snack on 23rd street...

Saturday Sketch The Surreal Morgan

This Saturday we will meet at the Morgan Library. Their building and exhibit of surreal drawings should be interesting.
We'll start at 11:00 and as always remeber to bring your favorite sketching materials.
Date: February 2, 2013
Location: The Morgan Library, 225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street
Time: 11:00 AM
Note that there is a $15.00 admission fee.
If you need to contact us call me at 917 224 8373 or Mark at 973-809-9128
Google Map:
See you there!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Saturday Sketch Date

This Saturday we will meet in the main lobby of the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle. Plenty of people, shops, food and most importantly, it's indoors.
We'll start at 11:00 and as always remeber to bring your favorite sketching materials.
Date: January 26th
Location: Time Warner Center, Lobby
Time: 11:00 AM
If you need to contact us call me at 917 224 8373 or Mark at 973-809-9128
Google Map:
See you there!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sketchcrawl 38 New York City

Worldwide Sketch Crawl 38

It was a great day of sketching for the 38th WWSC. The NYC Sketchers group was out in full force with quite a few first timers! It was a fluid group-coming and going, but a good time was had by all.

We also tried out a Tokyo group practice...sitting, eating and was great.

2nd stop...Times Square

Dazzling and Awesome...

The road to Times Square

Sketching away...

Compliments are always welcome.

A bit of show and tell...

Trains? Did anyone say trains?

Taking a page from the Tokyo a little something

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Urban Sketchers NYC January 12, 2013

We went to the Chelsea Piers and sketched at their two skating rinks.  There were only two problems with the idea:
1)  Skaters almost never stand still.  It's their continuous movement that looks so beautiful.  But it's also their continuous movement that makes them really hard to capture in a drawing.
2)  There was no heated gallery where we were sketching.  It was continuously cold.

One skating rink had figure skaters and the other had teams practicing ice hockey. 

After we went to a restaurant where it was warm and the people sat reasonably still.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

World Wide Sketch Crawl 38 NYC


Next week is The worldwide sketch crawl #38!
The theme is underground sketching. Day: Saturday, January 19
Time: 11:00 to 5:00
Location: We'll meet at the NW corner of 42nd and 8th

Come join us as we ramble through the Port Authority, Times Square and Penn Station.
We'll wind down in Korea Town.

If it gets too cold we may stay inside and underground for a while, so make sure to meet up on time.
If you need to contact us call me at 917 224 8373 or Mark at

View Sketch Crawl 38 - Underground Art in a larger map

Friday, January 11, 2013

Nancy Whiskey Pub

Hi everyone.

Finally getting around to scanning a few sketches I made over the holiday period.

Let me know your comments.  I love feedback.

Nancy Whiskey Pub

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sketching at the Museum of Natural History December 29, 2012

We went to the Museum of Natural History on December 29th.  It was a cold rainy day and I had the hope the museum would be deserted. Well, that didn't happen.   I believe every tourist in NYC found there way to the museum that day, as well as every family stuck at home facing a rainy weekend with the kids.  It was jammed.

 The great thing about the museum is that it's filled with animals and they don't move.  You can walk around trying to find the best angle and then do your sketch while they hold still for you.  What didn't hold still though were the hundreds of people mobbed around each exhibit.

It was so crowded that we couldn't open up watercolor kits or try anything elaborate.  After the first dinosaur drawing which was done in ink, I stuck with pencil. What an amazingly versatile tool the pencil is.

January 12th Sketch Date

Hi Urban Sketchers  - 
We're posting our sketch dates on the blog for those who use the blog to follow our escapes.
Also, January 19th is the 38th International Sketch Crawl and we have some very nice things planned...stay tuned.
This coming Saturday is likely to be the nicest day of the week , in terms of weather - and drawing opportunities.  We're going to meet  at the SkyRink, which is located at the Chelsea Piers.  The SkyRink has a heated gallery  that overlooks the skating area. We'll meet there at 10 AM.  There are loads of things to do at the Pier and if the weather is as warm as expected we can even draw some of the boats outdoors or the rollerbladers.

The Chelsea Piers extends for several blocks. The SkyRink is at Pier 61.  The best entry point to hit the SkyRink is to come in from West 21st Street at 11th Avenue. 

Best of all, when we're done with doing our own sketching the Chelsea Art Galleries are across the street with plenty of art to see as well as interesting restaurants where we can grab a bite.

Bring your favorite Art Supplies and we'll see you there.  In case you come late and we've changed locations, call my cell phone and we'll connect - 973-809-9128

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On December 15th we met at the Bookstore Cafe for their 3rd Annual Christmas Carol Marathon.  
Lots of interesting people to draw.
We met at the IBM Atrium at Madison and 57th on Saturday December 22nd, a wonderful indoor space on a cold overcast day. There was a classy looking guy sitting and reading the paper  a perfect pose