Wednesday, May 31, 2017

SUNDAY: Art Supplies and Sketchable Gardens

Sunday June 4, 2017

Many thanks to NYC USk Sketcher - 
Dan Jay for help researching this event.

The willow treehouse at El Jardin del Paraiso

Jerry’s Palette Shop at 111 4th Ave, is hosting a special bagel party for NYC Urban Sketchers from 10 AM to 11.  Any purchases made during that time will enjoy a 25% discount.  This is a great opportunity to explore one of NYC’s premier art supply stores.

Then at 11 AM we’ll be walking to the gardens located at East 4th Street between Ave. C and D.

No spot in NYC has more community based gardens than the East Village.  Originally the site of derelict buildings, the original visionaries cleared the debris of burned or collapsed buildings to create their urban slice of paradise.  Each garden is unique and maintained by passionate neighborhood residents.

What an amazing oasis…. 
Thank you all earth people (community gardeners) 
for keeping this patch of earth wild. 
- Aresh Javadi 


10 AM - Meet at Jerry’s 111 Fourth Ave (bet East 12 - 11 Sts.) For Bagel Breakfast

11 AM - Walk to East 4th Street between Ave C and D. (Or take the M14D bus at 14th Street and Irving Place - to 3rd Street and Avenue D. to sketch El Jardin del Pariaso ,  Orchard Alley and  Parque de Tranquilidad 

12:30 - 1:30  Lunch al fresco.  Bring your own or purchase from the many stores or vendors in the area.

Afternoon - Back to urban garden sketching.

Show and Tell:  Cornerstone Cafe,  17 Ave B at the corner of East 2nd Street, (212) 228-1260. We will share drawings, good stories and a snack or refreshments if you're so inclined.

NOTES:  -  Bring a portable stool or chair if you have one.  Gives you more sketching options.

If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Correction to Weekday Schedule

There was a mistake in the dates of the schedule just posted.  There will be a meeting on: 

Thursday June 29th,  (not 28th).   

Weekday Urban Sketchers Meeting Dates June/July

In an effort to help everyone plan to attend Weekday Urban Sketchers events, here are the dates for the next 6 weeks. We will avoid scheduling anything on Wednesdays since so many sketchers attend the free sessions at the Battery Park Conservancy.  However,  we will meet on Wednesday July 12 admission to the NY Botanic Garden is free on Wednesdays. 

Thursday June 1, 2017: Coney Island.  See posting below this message for details

Tuesday June 6, 2017:  

Thursday, June 15, 2017 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday, June 28, 2017 

First week in July there will be no scheduled meeting. Enjoy the July 4th holiday.

Wednesday July 12, 2017  NY Botanic Gardens

Tuesday July 18, 2017

There will be no scheduled session the last week of July as it is the Annual Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago.

Weekday Urban Sketchers in Coney Island

The Boardwalk, the beach, the ocean, the rides and people, people, people, and did I mention yet another of NYC's carousels!   This week's meeting will take us to the edge of the city for a chance to see a very different urban scene filled with sea, sand and sunshine (if we are lucky).  Let's go before it gets too hot to be out in the sun and too crowded to be able to sit and sketch!

We will meet in front of Coney Island USA, the museum of Coney Island.  From there we will do a sketch crawl that will include the color and craziness of the amusement area and then the (relatively quite) boardwalk and beach.  Bring your lunch or get a world hot dog at Nathan's.  Pack you brightest colors, a stool, a hat and sunscreen and join us at the end of the subway line.....on the beach.
Image result for coney island boardwalk
The Boardwalk 

Image result for coney island amusement park
The Wonder Wheel and Carousel

Image result for Coney Island USA
Coney Island USA 


TIME:  10:30 AM


NOTE: We will meet in front of Coney Island USA on the corner of Surf Ave and West 12th St. 

TRANSPORTATION: N, D  to Coney Island/Stillwell Ave.  Note:  The N and D run express in Manhattan and then run local after a while in Brooklyn. The Q and F also go to Coney Island but they are local all the way.

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at  Looking for us? Call Raylie at 201-978-6387.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SATURDAY: Sketch the Chinese Scholar's Garden

Saturday, May 27, 2017

One of the most relaxing places in NYC.  The peacefulness and tranquility of the gardens will find its way into your sketches.  Getting there via ferry adds to the adventure. The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden is a part of the Staten Island Botanical Garden, located in the Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

Photos and Watercolor by Joan Tavolott

“All the architectural components of The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden were prefabricated in Suzhou, including roof and floor tiles, columns and beams, doors and windows, bridges and paving materials and carefully chosen rocks.  This is the ONLY Chinese Scholar's Garden in the United States.”
(description by Victoria V. via Yelp)


-   We meet at the Staten Island Ferry, our starting point at 10:00 AM.

Take subway to lower Manhattan, via the 1 train to South Ferry or the 4/5 train to Bowling Green or
the R train to Whitehall.

Exit and walk south to blue neon Staten Island terminal to take FREE ferry.

After landing in Staten Island take the S40 bus at Gate D to travel along Richmond Terrace, less than a 10-minute ride. Let the bus driver know that you want to get off at Snug Harbor.

There is a $5 entrance fee to the Garden.

12:30 - We will have lunch at Adobe Blue which as .3 miles from the Snug Harbor campus (or bring your own and stay on the beautiful Snug Harbor campus).  Show and Tell will be there too at 3 PM.

NOTE:  Bring a folding chair or stool if you have one - it provides more sketching choices.

If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekday Sketcher at Bronx Zoo for the Bug Carousel and 

Live Animal Workshop

Related image

Continuing our sketching of  the carousels of NYC we will be visiting one of the most unusual ones this week:   The Bug Carousel at the Bronx Zoo.  Dung beetles, praying mantis and caterpillars are just a few of the colorful characters that we will be able to draw and paint.   

After the drawing the fantasy animals we will turn our attention to the real ones and participate in a workshop with Muriel Applebaum on how to capture the beauty and animation of the zoo's creatures, followed by our own personal safari of the more than 4,000 animals that roam the 265 acres of the park. 


TIME: 10:30 AM

                       NOTE: We will meet at the Bug Carousel which is located in "The Plaza".  Please check the zoo map for directions.

TRANSPORTATION:    2 or 5 train to West Farms Road/East Tremont Ave Station which leaves you off at 178 St and Boston Road.  Walk north two blocks to the Asia Gate entrance.  Then follow the zoo map to the Plaza.  (The directions on the zoo's web site say to use the Pelham Parkway station however using the West Farms Rd station and Asia Gate entrance is a much shorter walk.)

The zoo is free on Wednesday and Muriel Applebaum is volunteering her time and talent for us. 

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at  Looking for us? Call or text Raylie at 201-978-6387.  Bring a stool and lunch or purchase lunch in the zoo cafeteria.  

Please bring the largest pad you are comfortable carrying (at least 7" x 9") for the live animal workshop. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SATURDAY: Sketch Washington Square Park

May 20, 2017
Hosted by Susan and Joan, 

The Arch by Lancelot Gambis‎ 

Washington Square Park  One of the top people-watching spots in all of NYC, there’s a never-ending parade of street musicians, performance artists, students, and tourists. The fountain, the arch, and the curves in the road, everywhere you look there's something interesting to sketch.

Joan Szalay Tavolott‎: Sketched at Washington Square Park
using ArtRage on her iPad.

Photo of Jeff Levine
taken by Tyko Kihlstedt 
When:   Meet at 10 AM under the arch.  Coming late is no problem - we'll be there the entire day.

Where:  Washington Square Park.  Meeting place under the arch at 5th Avenue and Waverly Place (AKA - Washington Square North)

How:   WSP is easy to reach by subway.  The closest choices include:
-   West 4th Street - A, C, D, E, F and M Subway
-   Astor Place #6 Subway
-   Bleeker St #6 Subway
-   8th STreet NYU N, R Subway
-   Christopher - Sheridan Square #1 Subway

Lunch: 12 - Noon:  Meet again under the arch.  Bring your own or buy lunch from the many vendors and stores in the area.  We'll find a good spot to eat together.

Afternoon:  1:00 PM After lunch we're back continuing capturing Washington Square in all it's glory on a brilliant spring day

Show and Tell:  3:00 We'll walk up McDougal Street to 8th Street to the Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor, 26 W 8th St,  to share drawings, good stories and a beer or wine if you're so inclined.

-   If you have a folding stool or chair - bring it.

If you can’t find us 
call or text Joan (516) 510-1473

There are no fees or attendance taken. All drawing skill levels are welcome.

WEDNESDAY Nights: Sketching in Herald Square

Sketching in Herald Square

There is an Urban Sketching event that might be interesting happening on Wednesday nights until September. Unlike our usual sketch events instruction will be available provided by the Art Students League of New York.

The view is great for sketching, lots going on and plenty of interesting architecture.  When I was there last time everyone was very friendly and supportive. It’s a great end to the workday, or a sketchable start to a night out.

Limited materials are provided, but participants are encouraged to bring their own. No experience necessary. This event is hosted by the 34th Street Partnership in conjunction with the Art Students League of New York.

The Details:

  • Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm
  • May 3-September 27
  • Herald Square Park

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Weekday Urban Sketcher at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

The cherry blossoms are gone but with 52 acres at our disposal there is still plenty for us to capture in our sketchbooks. The tulips, wisteria, azaleas, lilacs are in bloom.  The trees are covered in newly emerging leaves, the lawns are lush and the specialized gardens host water features and rockeries.  Bring your lunch and a stool and pack your brightest colors for a day of sketching in one of New York's treasures. Oh, and one more thing: there is no entrance fee on Tuesdays.

Image result for brooklyn botanical gardenRelated image

Image result for brooklyn botanical garden

Image result for brooklyn botanic garden main entrance
Eastern Parkway Entrance


TIME: 10:30 AM

                         EASTERN PARKWAY 
         NOTE:  We will meet at the Eastern Parkway Entrance 

TRANSPORTATION: 2, 3, 4 train to Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum Station

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at so that we know to look for you.  Looking for us? Call Raylie at 201-978-6387

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

NO SKETCH EVENT - This weekend.

NO SKETCH EVENT - This weekend.

I have a work commitment on Saturday and will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday.

If you’re around on Saturday please stop by,  I’ll be at Jerry's Palette Shop - Fine Art Supplies 111 4th Ave, in the afternoon from 2 - 5 PM.  I’ll be talking about Stillman & Birn Sketchbooks and doing demonstrations.

I hope you have a love-filled sketchable weekend.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

 Weekday Urban Sketchers at Lincoln Center

In addition to the wonderful theaters and raft of performances, Lincoln Center offers a host of outdoor art experiences: The reflecting pool with Henry Moore's "Reclining Figures", The Revson Fountain in the main plaza, Damrosch Park , and the Hippo Ballerina on Broadway, to name a few

    Reflecting Pool

Image result for fountain in lincoln center
Revson Fountain

Image result for hippo ballerina at lincoln center
Hippo Ballerina 


TIME: 1030 AM  
LOCATION:  Lincoln Center 
                        Broadway and 64th Street
                      NOTE:  We will meet by the reflecting pool with the Henry Moore Sculpture between the Opera House and Symphony Hall

TRANSPORTATION: the 1 Train to 66th Street/Lincoln Center

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at Looking for us? Call Raylie at 201-978-6387.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SUNDAY: Sketch the New West Side

May 7, 2017
 New York City is a work in progress

New York City is a work in progress.  Our city is a profusion of architectural styles and mixed purposes.  I went to have a closer look at the new pyramid shaped building on the west side.  It’s visually fascinating. But what’s even more interesting is the counterpoint.  Look here and there.  Everywhere you look there are interesting combinations of periods and shapes.  It’s an area that I would never have thought to sketch, but one look changed my mind.


The Basics:  We’ll start at 10:30 AM.  Meet at the corner of 11th Avenue (AKA West End Avenue) and West 59th Street

Lunch:  Noon.  We will dine al fresco.  Bring your own or purchase food at several locations.  Rex - 864 10th Ave  (or The Greek Kitchen-889 10th Ave, … backup to the backup =  Ousia - 629 W 57th St)

Afternoon:  1 PM - Back to sketching

Show and Tell:  3:30 PM.  Instead of Show and Tell the afternoon option is to attend Dr. Sketchy.  This month the Dr. Sketchy's modeling podium will be graced by Miss Coney Island 2016, Miss Bushwick Burlesque 2014.  Dr. Sketchy is edgy and not for the easily offended, however it presents unique sketching opportunities and is always interesting.  Located at the FlĂ»te Bar, 205 West 54th St.  $12 in advance, $15 at the door.  They have a suggested 2 drink minimum (which is not enforced).

-   Bring a sketching stool or chair, it always helps for street sketching
-   If you’re driving almost all parking spots are legal on Sunday, the trick (not impossible) is finding one.

Click to Enlarge

If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128
There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekday Sketchers Visit Roosevelt Island

In the middle of the East River is Roosevelt Island, an oasis from the noise and congestion of midtown Manhattan yet only a subway ride from where you are.  Yes, we have been to Four Freedoms Park at the south end, but there is so much more to see....and sketch.

Related image
Queensboro Bridge

The Queensboro Bridge and East River Promenade:  Hopefully we will catch the blossoms on the cherry trees that ring the island, offering us interesting compositions of the pink trees against the bride and skyline.

Blackwell House: A farmstead dating from the 19th century with the 6th oldest building in NYC. which accounted for the previous name of the island. Remember Blackwell's Island?

Chapped of the Good Shepard: A small Victorian gem now in-between a series of apartment houses.

Smallpox Hospital: The ruins of a once infamous hospital.

The Lighthouse: Legend has it that this small lighthouse on the northern tip of the island was built by an inmate of the then nearby insane asylum who was afraid of an invasion by the British. '

We will use the island's free Red Busses to get from site to site.

Related image
Blackwell House

Image result for lighthouse roosevelt island
The Lighthouse

Image result for smallpox hospital roosevelt island
Smallpox Hospital


TIME: 10:30 AM

LOCATION:  We will meet on the East River Promenade by the Queensboro Bridge near the Tram Station.  

TRANSPORTATION:  F train to Roosevelt Island.  Exit the station and walk to the East River at the foot of the bridge.  OR take the Roosevelt Island Tram at 59th Street and 2nd Ave. Exit the Tram Station and walk to the East River. 

Bring a stool and some lunch or purchase lunch along the way.  Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel @ Looking for us? Call or text Raylie at 201-979-6387