Sunday, July 14, 2013

40th WWSC at Flushing Meadow

Well, we had a small band of brave souls show up since many of you so rudely deserted us to go to someplace called Barcelona! Missed you all. Anyhow, there were only four of us. The sky was overcast and a few times we had to use umbrellas. In the end, several of us got sun burned. It was a great location and someplace I had wanted to revisit since I hadn't been there since the 1964 World's Fair.

Elizabeth and her sketch of the Unisphere

                                                    Denise and Elizabeth at the carousel

                                                                  Denise and Gene

The jets came on halfway through our sketch

and my sketches...

NY State Pavillion designed by Philip Johnson




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  1. These are great! i like the subtle color you used in the unisphere and the ink works well for the NY Pavillion for the old rusty look.


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