Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exploring the City

February 1st I had the privilege of joining the urban sketchers of New York City for the first time. I recently moved to the area and was invited by Mark Leibowitz to join the group. It was awesome getting to know some of the urban sketchers of the city and see all the different styles of sketches! To view more of my work check out my flickr page

Whenever I move to a new area I like to go and explore the city on my own and sketch. Here are some of sketches I’ve done during the last few months:

Central Park

View of Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn

 Flatiron district
Highline, a colorful mural seen from the NY Highline.

 Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  The shop is attached to the Portland Ace Hotel lobby which also be very fun to sketch.
NJ Transit people sketches. It takes an hour and a half from Dover, while waiting I like to sketch some of the other passengers. Also, I included some quick sketches I've done throughout the city:

NYC Sketch Crawl. Saturday, February 8. The first half of the day I chose to sketch the counter of the Cafe at the David Rubinstein Lobby in Lincoln Center. Then I chose to switch to a differed notebook and sketch people.




  1. Josiah, your sketches are great! It looks like you did a lot of exploring and sketching on your own. I was amazed on Saturday to see how small you work and the amount of wonderful detail you can get into those small sketches. Hope to see you sketching with us on a regular basis.

  2. Excellent! Glad you shared your work. I noticed you didn't include the sketch you did where you were exploring snow on a building. Do you know the one I mean? I know it's not a picture of skyscrapers or urban streets, but I thought others would enjoy it as I did.

  3. Very inspiring work, Josiah! It's kicked me into gear, and now I can't stop sketching every still moment I get.


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