Monday, April 4, 2016

Sketching the Easter Bonnet Parade

I can now cross this event off my sketching bucket list. So many hats, so little time! This group is an entourage of 7 people. The come in matching outfits every year.

These guys came with their hats and jackets covered with glued on jelly beans and candy corn in Easter colors.

Harriet is a milliner . Smart lady. She comes every year in one of her creations. Good publicity. This had was so huge it was hard to miss her.

 Polka dot paper bags filled with peeps.

Husband, wife, and nephew. He was dressed in a morning suit. We were having a pleasant conversation while I was sketching. Unbeknownst to me , until afterward, I was filmed sketching them.</a>
You can see me sketching from the 4 min to 4min 29 sec mark.
If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck... it must be a duck.

This guy moved so fast that I sketched him coming and going. He has been participating in this event for 40 years. He used to live in the village, but now lives in Miami. He leaves his morning suit at his friends apartment in NY and flies up just for the parade.

One of my favorites of the day. An American Bulldog , rescued and adopted last November... all 65 lbs of her. Built like a tank and a tail that didn't quit. She donned rabbit ears. Her name is Brisket.

I didn't bring my stool. I figured it would be too crowded and limit my view. I sketched directly in ink and ended up sketching over 50 peeps. Color was added from memory at home. I can't wait to go back again.


  1. Wonderful sketches, Susan, of a really fun day. Only you could get the back stories AND the sketches all at once!

    1. Thanks for looking and commenting Melanie. I think the participants were more flattered that some one took the time to sketch them rather than taking a fleeting photo. The fact that I lingered a little longer opened up the opportunity for conversation. Plus the fact that anyone dressed in a hat had to be pretty outgoing.

  2. This is a fantastic collection of sketches, Susan! I sure wish I could be there to sketch it one of these years. What fun!


  3. It is great to see all your sketches from the day all in one place. I think anyone in the parade would be flattered to have you sketch them...a great form of flattery! Too bad the link doesn't work here.

    1. Thanks Joan. It does make a statement about the day! I fixed the link to the video. You have to do a cut and paste.


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