Sunday, June 4, 2017

NYC Urban Sketchers on Social Media

Hi, everyone! You may be aware that I've been put in charge of our social media, at least where Instagram and Twitter are concerned. If you want to follow, on Instagram we're @nycurbansketchers and on Twitter we're @nycusk (a pesky character limit kept us from being @nycurbansketchers on both!). I'll be starting to really use them this week.

I'll mostly use Twitter to announce sketch events and any related exhibits or events people might be interested in. The Instagram will post about all of those, but I'll also be reposting from anyone using #nycurbansketchers. So anytime you post your sketches, be sure to use the hashtag and you may see your work reposted!*

I definitely recommend instagram for anyone not on it yet, it's a great way to have easy access to the artwork of people all across the world. If anyone has any questions about social media please don't hesitate to ask! You can reach me at Also feel free to contact me there if you have any events or exhibits I should post about!

*For anyone new to twitter and instagram, anything with a "#" preceding it is a hashtag. So you can search for "#nycurbansketchers" to find other New York urban sketchers and their work. You can also search for anything else you're interested in seeing; #urbansketchers is really popular, and I also like checking out #watercolors and #archisketcher. It's a really easy way to find new artists to follow!


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