Wednesday, April 11, 2018

SATURDAY: Sketch the Boar

Saturday April 14, 2018

It's nearly impossible to imagine that the predicted weather for Saturday includes a high of 76 degrees.  Could this stubborn winter finally be loosening it's grip on the city?

We have two interesting events planned for Saturday.  The first is an exploration of a little know tiny pocket park on the east side.  The second is to attend the High School of Art and Design's Draw-A-Thon & Fundraiser.  More on both:

The park and its vistas of the Queensboro Bridge were featured prominently in Woody Allen’s Manhattan (1979). The park contains the Wild Boar statue, which is a replica of the bronze wild boar completed in 1634 by Renaissance sculptor Pietro Tacca (1557–1640) that stands in Florence, Italy.

Sutton Place is a Manhattan neighborhood of elegant apartments and townhouses, a long-time enclave of the rich and rarefied. It has been home to Kofi Annan, Henry Kissinger, Marilyn Monroe, Bill Blass -- not to mention assorted Vanderbilts and Morgans. So why is there a big pig in its park?

To be precise, it's a bronze copy of a marble replica of a Renaissance statue of a wild boar named Porcellino. Philanthropist Hugh Trumbull Adams found the statue in a Florentine shop and donated it to the park in the early 1970s. It's popular with the sandbox set, who love to pet it and climb on its back.

The metal porker sits on a base overrun with sculptured skittering creatures: toads, lizards, mice, crabs.

PART 2 - The Draw-A-Thon
The High School of Art and Design is an important institution for art minded New Yorkers. It provides the artistic foundation for many of the native New Yorker art community.  The Draw-A-Thon  brings out an incredible assortment of NY artists including the famous and near famous.  The range of talent covers the gamut.  There are loads of models to sketch clothed, costumed and nude.  You have a choice of quick one and two minute poses up to all day poses.

Figure work is of course the foundation of everything we do.  It's the artistic discipline - the equivalent of playing scales for musicians and something dedicated artists return to for their entire lives.


Part 1 - When and Where11 AM - 12 Sutton Square,  between E. 57th and E. 58th Sts.  NYC.  Located at the far east side of midtown Manhattan, at Sutton Place Park and 57th St., overlooking the East River.

Lunch12:30  PM  Bring your own to be eaten in the park of rely on stores and vendors nearby.

Early Afternoon:   1:30 PM Back to sketching the park

Part 2 - When and Where:  2:30 PM   Walk to the High School of Art and Design, 245 East 56th Street between Second and Third Avenues.  The Draw-A-Thon is a fund raiser.  Admission is $25 at the door and $5 less if you pay in advance: 

Click to prepay or to see details

Show and Tell:  There will be no Show and Tell since we're packing two events into one sketching day.

-  Bring a stool or a portable chair if you have one.  It gives you many sketching opportunities.  If you don't already a stool ask some of the sketchers to try their seating solutions so you can find the best one for your needs.
-   Attend one or both events.  Come late if you need to. We'll be there.  The Draw-A-Thon actually starts at 10 AM and goes to 7 PM.  Feel free to choose what's right for you.

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If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.


  1. Sutton Place Park is closed for renovation. Try the park just north of the 59th Street Bridge which also has great views. The on-ramp is on 60th Street.

  2. I am going to Julie's park....have a stool to give away.E mail me if you want me to bring


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