Thursday, June 28, 2018

NYC Urban Sketcher - Workshops 2018

NYC Urban Sketcher - Workshops 2018

Based on the overwhelming positive response we got from last year's workshops we're running them again for 2018.  

We have 15 different workshops that will explore the skills and techniques you need to be a better artist and a more accomplished Urban Sketcher.

Each workshop is going to cost $35.  When you register you'll discover that the host website adds a few dollars which is their fee for hosting the program and collecting our money.  The actual total will be closer to $38.

Here is the line-up.  As we get closer to each event you'll be given more details and the website where you can register.  

When it comes to art instruction 
this is probably the best deal around.

  1. Marie Roberts        07/07/18 Seeing the Whole
  2. Elissa Gore         08/05/18  Transparent Watercolor Techniques
  3. Tom Kerr                 08/11/18  Drawing People in Motion
  4. Denise Markbreit 08/19/18  Watercolor Monotypes and Beyond
  5. Jason Das          08/25/18  Casual Perspective
  6. Mark Leibowitz 09/01/18  Urban Sketching for Beginners
  7. Jeff Levine         09/09/18   Subway Sketching
  8. Leslie Sim         09/15/18   Gouache on Toned Paper
  9. Katie Woodward 09/22/18  Nocturnes: Urban Sketching at Night
  10. Suzala                 09/30/18   Capture the Shapes to Capture the Picture
  11. Hugo Costa        10/06/18   The Aerial View
  12. Laura Rosen         10/13/18   Adding Atmosphere and Form with Color
  13. Lois Bender         10/21/18   Choosing Colors to Make Your Whites Pop!
  14. Shawne Cooper 11/18/18   From Sketches to Stories
  15. Joy Hecht         11/24/18   Sketching in Collage

​Reserve these dates.  More information coming soon. 

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