Tuesday, January 22, 2019

for the
2019 Urban Sketcher Symposium in Amsterdam
July 24 - 27, 2019

Here are three strategies you can use to register for the symposium this summer in Amsterdam.  Each strategy accomplishes something different.

I suspect the 2019 symposium will sell out.  This strong possibility should guide your strategy.  Specifically, don't wait to register. Be there ready at the opening bell. The registration starts at exactly the same time all over the world.  With the time zone difference that translates into a 9 AM registration for New York City on February 2, 2019.  

  1. Symposium Pass - The Full Package:  The Symposium Pass includes access to the opening & closing receptions, Workshops, Demos, Skit Sketch presentations and Sketchwalks.  The Symposium Pass will give you full access including 3 workshops with a great lineup of international instructors.

You should plan to be at your computer before 9 AM and ready to register the moment it turns 9.  Before that day you should look over all the workshops and decide which you want to attend. Participants will select all 3 workshops choices and one demo during Registration.

Have a backup choice - and a backup to your backup.  Be ready to switch to your second or even your third choice if the workshops you want are full.  Test the registration link beforehand. If you’ve never used Eventbrite there is some preregistration you can do before the doors open on Saturday morning.

Sign up for an Eventbrite account in advance. It’s free. This also the location to sign up.

How long do I have to process my Registration and Workshops Selection?
The time limit on Eventbrite for Pass purchase and workshops selection is within 10mins. The average time to complete this is 3mins, according to statistics. To expedite the process, we recommend that you have all your information entered with your Eventbrite user account, including personal and payment information.
a) Have your credit card ready. 

  1. General Access:  This is a more leisurely pass.  There are no workshops included, although you have the option to pay to attend * lectures.  The general market will be available to you (and also to people with a Full Pass) the vendor tables are a great way to get hard to find art materials and a chance to speak with knowledgeable experts.  You are invited to participate in the daily sketchwalks.
    1. * Lecture Series are paid events. Tickets are available when Presenters Lineup is announced in May 2019
    2. The General Pass is more limited but will provide more sketching and socializing time.
    3. New Yorkers need to sign up for a General Pass at 9 AM ET on Saturday February 2nd.

If you’ve never used Eventbrite there is some preregistration you can do before the doors open on Saturday morning. Sign up for an Eventbrite account. It’s free.

  1. Just Come:   Don’t sign up for anything and just be there.  The area around the Zuiderkirk (the site of the Amsterdam Symposium) will be filled with artists from all over the world.  You’ll see people walking the streets with sketchbooks in hand. You’ll see fellow artists on stools all over town sketching the sites. Everyone is friendly and easy to meet. The third strategy is to just come and be there.  Participate in the Sketchwalks each day which are open to the public. At past Symposiums there has always been a large group of artists who aren’t signed up but are just there. To do this you don’t need to register at all. Just make sure you’re in Amsterdam during the Symposium this summer.

  1. Organizing:  The NYC USk Group will be keeping a list of everyone who is planning to attend the Symposium.  We’ll be able to coordinate more easily which means things like being able to share a ride to the airport, maybe sharing a hotel or an Airbnb with a friend.  We will provide a way for people to share when they’re leaving, and returning, where they’ll be staying and what airlines they’re using to get there and back.

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