Sunday, February 9, 2020

Weekday Sketchers go to Court on Tuesday

Courtroom sketching has a long tradition. NYC Urban Sketchers will experience it two ways this Tuesday.   First we will meet in Criminal Court for the morning session where we can sketch the comings and goings of a busy courtroom.  Lots of opportunity to capture people as the police, court officers, attorneys and the judge handle the arraignment of those arrested for various reasons over the past few hours. 

When the court breaks for lunch, we will walk over to the Moynihan Federal Courthouse to view the exhibit of courtroom sketches by women artist on display.  There are about 125 sketches of federal cases, many of which you will remember and recognize.  For anyone who has tried to capture the essence of the action in the courtroom, this is a must see exhibit. Here is a link to an article about the exhibit:

There will be an optional afternoon sketch session at a trial in one of the courtrooms in the building. 

Manhattan's mental health court will be held at 100 Centre Street, where most of the criminal docket is already handled.
Criminal Court 100 Center Street 


STARTING TIME: 10:00 AM. (the court is in session from 8:00AM, feel free to come anytime you want) 

                       100 CENTER ST, Manhattan 

NOTE:  When you enter the building ask for directions to the Arraignment Courtrooms on the first floor.  The two courtrooms are in the rear of the building.   You can work in either one. 

TRANSPORTATION: 4, 5 to Brooklyn Bridge, 6 to Canal

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at  Looking for us? Text Raylie at 201-978-687.   

PLEASE NOTE:   Coming into the building you will go through metal detectors. Do not bring a camera, knife or other sharp objects. We are observers in the courtroom,  you must be silent and phones must be off.  These are criminal proceedings. Some of the cases can be upsetting. 

You can sit in the gallery and sketch, You can use watercolors...discreetly.   No need to bring a stool.  At 1:00 when the court breaks for lunch we will meet in the hall in front of the courtrooms.  We can get a quick bite to eat in the small cafe in the courthouse (or bring your own).  We can then walk over to the Moynihan Courthouse to see the exhibit. 

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