Friday, September 11, 2020

SATURDAY: Sketch Prague


SATURDAY: Sketch Prague

Hosted by Tim Bay

An historic outpost of many empires, from the Holy Roman to the Hapsburg and most recently the Soviet, Prague wears its historic past elegantly. Central Prague’s charmingly old-world cityscape mercifully escaped the carnage of World War 11 and stands today as a time capsule of the old world. If you love the sinuous and playfully decorative Art Nouveau style - it's all here.


The Charles Bridge, a celebrated lodestar on the tourist itinerary; Olsmy Cemetery, an elegant final berth for many Czech artists and politicians (including Dvorak); the Klementrium, a beautiful old world library, a lost-in-time enclave of the rich artifice of the Baroque period; the Prague Astronomical Clock, a landmark of the old town.

Other highlights include the Old Town Square, and the old Jewish Cemetery, an historically evocative memorial to the time when Prague boasted a large Jewish population, including Franz Kafka. The city at night is a lovely sight.

The avatar of the Art Nouveau Alphone Mucha is hands-down the best exemplar of the swirling lines and romantic ornamentation of the Art Nouveau style that is so much in evidence throughout the city. Would suggest that curious sketchers look up Mucha's works for inspiration.

MORNING: In the morning explore "Prague Old Town Streets." If you search Google Images with that title you'll find loads of inspiring images. You might check out the Old Town's Astronomical Clock, the centerpiece of the Old Town Square.

AFTERNOON: Prague at Night, which again can be found under that name on Google Images. Check it out, you will find that it is really dazzling----to use a much overused term, but in this case, is appropriate.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Our event starts on Saturday at 10 AM EDT. If you register you will receive an email on Friday after registration has closed. The email will provide the login information you'll need to participate.

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