Sunday, March 21, 2021


Review: Sennelier USKbook GREEN Cover (300gsm 100% cotton paper) | Parka  Blogs 

Have you ever used an accordion sketchbook?  It is fun!  Start on one end and move along using one element to carry you picture through to the next section of the book.  You will wind up with a wonderful panorama of your city, backyard or apartment.  They are particularly good for doing expansive city scapes.    Try getting over to Roosevelt Island for a great view of the east side of Manhattan or to the Jersey City waterfront for a view of lower Manhattan across the Hudson River. 

Suhita Shirodkar recently used one to capture the spring landscape near her home  in California:

Ive used it a number of times.  Once as a wedding gift where I recorded various scenes of the wedding weekend using an element on part of the page to carry through to the next part of the "story".  

And,  following one of our themes, drawing hands and feet during lockdown. 


The books are readily available through  any art supple outlet: here is one  rom Hanemuhle at Blick that is only 2"x2"

BUT they are extremely easy to make by folding a piece of paper back and forth.  You can join strips of paper and even add a cardboard cover.  Little effort for a big payoff. 

Here are some How To sites:

            Here's a little project, an accordion book full of little sketches while on walks in the neighborhood.

           Fill the pages with your sketches. Accordion books make for great displays! Then stand them up and view all the pages at once!

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