Wednesday, April 14, 2021

SATURDAY: The Combo Sketch

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, my imagination roamed far and wide.  Images of the Wild West and cool Science Fiction fantasies filled my mind.   It was true for all the kids I knew.  The two sketching ideas suggested for our Saturday event connected with those childhood daydreams and filled my mind with powerful images that have lasted a lifetime.   

Maybe we were daydreaming about the same things?


WILD HORSES:  Suggested by Dina Schlesinger

While native horses once lived in North America (they died out over 10,000 years ago), the horses seen today are descendants of the domesticated beasts reintroduced to the continent by Spanish explorers in the 16th and 17th centuries. During the hundreds of years of breeding, trading and warring that followed, many domesticated horses were lost, abandoned or let loose, going on to form wild herds throughout the land, most notably out West. Without any natural predators, the herds swelled in size.

Dina hit on this idea when she reconnected with a childhood friend who wrote:

"I grew up in NYC and like many girls became interested in horses and wanted one.  My mother, reluctant to say no said i could have a horse but I’d have to keep it in my bedroom which was small.  I went to the library and found out the measurements of a standard horse and measured my bedroom and it would just fit, but the problem was the elevator.  It was much too small so I had to decide that I couldn’t get a horse."

The Best Places to See Wild Horses in North America:  This site has many links to other sites
Wild Horses:  This site has many pictures of wild horses.


THE 2040 SKETCH:  Suggested by Michael Skelly

We've taken virtual urban sketches around the world, in our own region, and back in time. This Saturday we'll visit 2040: a positive and uplifting green future. Science fiction writer William Gibson said the "Future is already here. It's just unevenly distributed." Michael will show us trends, examples, plans, and prototypes that are already here to give us inspiration for our time travel sketches and postcards from our future selves.

Suggested Sketch:  Explore our local urban scenes with people: favorite gathering spots, cafes, museums, galleries, shops and markets in 2040.  Sketch urban landscapes and vistas: architecture, parks, and waterfronts in 2040.

The future is not so far away. Take our real world locations and add what we think will be there in 2040, what has changed, and what will be gone in a few years? Ask yourself how people get there? What do they wear? What are they doing? , and how does it all look and feel? We are doing a potential green positive future NOT negative futures, dystopias, or post-collapse.



Pick one topic for the morning and explore the other topic in the afternoon.  
Both topics have rich potential.


There are no fees. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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