Sunday, June 13, 2021

Workshop: The Beauty of Pastels

Workshop:  The Beauty of Pastels
Sunday June 27 th 2021 with Elaine Langer

  • Looking to try a new medium that puts loads of color down quickly?  
  • Tired of fighting with watercolor to make your dark colors dark enough? 
  • Interested in texture and creating paintings that feel alive? 
This virtual workshop is for you. Pastels are pure pigment sticks that allow for you to quickly put color down. We are going to try some fun ways to create some Cityscapes with color and texture.

What we'll do?

  • We will use pastel ground to create a surface on watercolor paper. We will tint the pastel ground so we can have color already on the paper.
  • We will learn about pastels. Soft pastels contain pigment and binder. The more binder the harder the pastel. Everyone will purchase a set of Nupastels for this Workshop. I will show everyone different examples of pastel and how the softness of different brands appears different on paper.
  • We will start on our painting. Together we will work on one city scene and I will walk you through some of the fun ways to use pastels.
  • We'll  share and discuss experiences

Workshop Supplies
  • Watercolor paper 6x8: I recommend Cold Press since it is textured and thick and will receive the pastel ground well. Fluid Easy- Watercolor Paper Block 6x8, 15 sheets is my preference but you can use any watercolor paper as long as it is a thicker sheet.
  • Golden Pastel Ground 8oz
  • Nupastels Set of 36 or 48
  • Inexpensive paint brush
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper Towels

All supplies can be found in NYC at Blick, Artist & Craftsman Supply or Jerry’s Artorama.

In addition, but not necessary, you may also purchase a small set of soft pastels. I recommend the Richeson Soft Handrolled Pastels –Color Wheel Primary, Set of 20. These are small and bright in addition to your Nupastels. They add pops of color.

This winter scene is the view out my window. The evening glow made me happy. - Elaine Langer

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