Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Rain is forecasted

This event will be hosted by Amanda Kavanagh

1)  The forecast suggests we're likely to have rain on Sunday, but that could change.  Final decision will take place on Saturday.
2)  Raylie's weekday group is also going to be doing this sketching tour towards the end of the month.

Untapped New York ran a wonderful article about Victorian Flatbush (  For an Urban Sketcher it was impossible not to become enthused about this neighborhood.

"Once home to acres of colonial Dutch farmland, Flatbush is now an area of Brooklyn known for boasting some of the most magnificent and diverse architecture in New York City. Flatbush’s architectural splendor can be attributed to the development boom it experienced in the late 19th and early 20th-centuries. At that time, a slew of real estate developers bought up farmland in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn and constructed residential suburban neighborhoods. This boom was spurred by many factors, including new transportation lines that connected the borough to Manhattan, the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883, and the opening of Prospect Park in 1867.'

'Today, thanks to architectural trends of the time and developers’ desire to have the most appealing and unique homes, we have a highly concentrated array of stunning mansions to admire." - Written by NICOLE SARANIERO - Untapped New York

1440 Albemarle Rd


What:  We’ll be sketching beautiful residential homes in the South Flatbush section of Brooklyn.  All the houses in the area are interesting, we created a map that highlights some of the really sketch able places (see map and list below)

Where:  Our host for the day is Amanda Kavanagh.  We will meet at her house at 155 Argyle Rd, which is two blocks from the subway station

When:  Start time - 10 AM.   Running late?  Messed up by the subways?  Come anyway - we'll be there.

-   By Subway:  Take the Q train to Beverly Road.  See the map (below) for directions to Amanda’s

Lunch:  We'll break at 12:00​ PM​ Location to be determined.  Bring your own or rely on the stores in Church Avenue which is two blocks away

Afternoon:  1:00​ PM  Back to sketching

Show and Tell:  3:00 PM - Location to be determined.

-      Bring a hat (for the sun - hopefully!)
-      Bring a stool if you have one, it gives you more options.  There are no benches.

click to enlarge

If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

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