Friday, September 2, 2022

Maru's WORKSHOP - Added Session


NOTE:   Maru's workshop sold out almost immediately.   We're delighted she's agreed to offer an afternoon session.

How to use gouache and mixed media techniques 

to create colorful cityscapes​

The Mixed Media Cityscape Workshop

Not much time to sign up for the workshop on Saturday September 10th at 2 PM. Maru is coming from the Urban Sketchers workshops on Madeline Island.

No one paints like Maru! There is something wildly exciting about her style. It has a freshness and an immediacy that is very alluring. She is doing things with her gouache paint that make her a unique teacher.

In this workshop, we will discover new ways to obtain a more pictorial and daring style. The matte and opaque finish of gouache are characteristics that make it a unique material to combine with other dry techniques, such as colored pencils, crayons, graphite pencil, etc.

We'll start by exploring textures and combining materials, breaking the classic rules: irregular textures, simple strokes in multiple directions, etc. These warm-up exercises will help the student to flow with new languages ​​to transmit the dynamism of the urban essence. We will make micro-sketches of urban details, combining gouache for the backgrounds and color lines with dry techniques such color pencils or crayons. Also, I will work with arbitrary colors and learn how to keep the essential information that catches our attention. Finally, we will do a big drawing using all mixed media techniques together.

The workshop will be held in Central Park by the Model Boat Pond, which is around 72 Street.  

For more details and to sign up - click here:

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