Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Urban Sketchers NYC

  • Sunday December 2, 2012

It was so cold the week before that we decided to schedule our sketching indoors this week.  So, of course, the day was beautiful and warm.

We met at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. and then went in to the sculpture garden.  There were at least four shows I wanted to see.  We were too early for the Matisse show - it was members only, but got to see the Warhol show, the George Bellows show and Bernini clay sculpture's

We met at the top of the stairs at the Met and I sketched East 82nd Street.
I didn't understand it would be the last time that day I could use watercolor  

Apparently we need special permission to work with watercolor or any paint at the Met.
I did a sketch with a fountain pen and was able to move the wet ink around with a water brush.  

This is a tiny sketch - about 3" x 5"

The Bernini clay sculpture we a marvel.
Apparently they were done as sketches to work
out his compositional ideas.
He never intended for them to be seen
or even saved.  They were brilliant.

We went to the Cafeteria for some lunch.
This guy had a great white beard.
Turned out he was saving the table and was
waiting for his wife to show up with the food.

Another person in the cafeteria

This is NYC Urban Sketcher  Matt Noiseux who was sitting across the table from me.

It happened too fast to do a decent sketch.  The woman in Starbucks was wearing a hoody sweatshirt with tiny tiny shorts and high heel half boots.  She seemed to be 95% legs

Two women chatting

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