Thursday, November 29, 2012

NYC - Sunday, November 25, 2012

The theme was NYC Midtown Shortcuts:  

There are a series of blocks running from 51st to 57th that have a path you can take between the buildings.  On cold windy days it's a great route to take.  We sketched there this Sunday and it was bleak and cold.  We really need to give some thought to sketching in the winter months.  I'll blame my frozen hands on the fact that all my street pictures looked terrible and none are getting posted

We were joined by Joy Hecht who came in from Nova Scotia.  She mentioned that she has family in the city so I hope she'll join us to sketch whenever she's in town.

Someone at the NYC Traffic Department has a sense of humor.  The street sign marks the Midtown Shortcut
We went into a Starbucks to warm up.  These two women were having an animated conversation.

Did a sketch of Denise Lebenstein,  - you can see she was wearing this great scarf

Then I tried to do a picture of Richard.  I like the picture but even though I tried,  it looks nothing like him.  He just shaved his beard so this was the new clean shaven Richard 

At the end of the day we ended up at a Cafe Europa for lunch.

This was an experiment and was done about a month earlier.  After doing the drawing I covered the page with Acrylic Yellow Ochre paint.  The idea was that it would "unify" the page.  My concern was that i wouldn't be able to apply the watercolor and gauche on top of the waterproof acrylic base.  I"m going to try this again sometime.  I think I'm going to pick a cool color for the base to see how that looks.  It's like working off toned paper.

This one was done the week before when we were sketching in the Northeast part of Central Park.  A nice family playing in the leaves with their dog.

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