Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saturday Sketch Date: Banks and Fleas!

We're back on track and ready to sketch. As some of you have suggested, in additon to the weekly notification we'll provide a look-ahead so you can plan.
This week we're at Brooklyn's Winter Flea Market at the old Williamsburg Savings Bank Building. The building basement (with vault), first floor and mezzanine are stunning (to look at and sketch).
In addition, the scene with locals, hipsters, vendors and wanderers is fantastic.
The place gets packed so we'll start early (10:00) and meet back at the lobby every hour or so to regroup, recap and return.
This week: 2/16/2013
Brooklyn Flea
1 Hanson Place
Brooklyn New York
Start at 10:00
Regroup at the lobby entrance: (11:00 ad 12:30)
(If it gets too crazy, we can go to the BAM lobby)
Google Map:
If you need to contact us call me at 917 224 8373 or Mark at 973-809-9128

Upcoming Dates:
Pete’s Tavern (opened 1864)
18th street, corner with Irving place
Start at 11:00
Old Town Bar (opened 1892)
18th street, between park ave and broadway
Start at 12:00

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