Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Brooklyn Flea ... 02-16-13

During the winter months, Brooklyn Flea antique and vintage marketplace,
is held inside the landmark Williamsburgh Savings Bank,
Although it has a beautiful interior, that would make you think more of church
than a bank - it's sketching people that always attracts me.

This couple sat opposite me in the crowded cafeteria.
She looked so sharp and he looked like he'd had a long hard night.

We chatted with a mother and daughter.
Mom was in from Ohio for a long weekend
and the flea market seemed like a perfect place
 to be on a cold overcast February day.

Hassan had a great waxed mustache and dressed
with a lot of flair.
One of the sketchers mentioned that there
is a beard and mustache contest in NY.
Got to check that out!

This mother an child were part of Hassan's group.
There was a second daughter  but they left
before I had a chance to sketch her


  1. Thanks Richard. Liked your sketches as well. Interesting how we're in the same place and focus on such completely different things.


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