Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diversity Plaza, Queens

As you probably know, we've been suffering through an extended winter in New York (along with many other states).  Luckily, there have been some have been some warm days that have helped keep us sane.

On a recent a Monday, when it was warm enough to draw outside, I ventured out to Jackson Heights with a friend. We worked in a pedestrian plaza that I'd been meaning to sketch.  It turned out to be a great location for people watching, especially with commuters passing through subway entrance.

Of course we took a break and grabbed some pain puri and idli at nearby Indian restaurant.


  1. LOL When exactly was it warm enough to sketch outdoors? Nice sketches of the people and their movements.

  2. Well, warm enough to draw without gloves if you stood in the sun. Thanks, Joan!


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