Monday, March 21, 2016

In and Around the Jewish Museum

Saturday I took the LIRR into the city, walked to Park Ave and took the 6 Train up to the Jewish Museum. It was a day for creating art and surpassing my 10,000 step goal.

There was a great Isaac Mizrahi exhibit with wonderful dresses and gowns displayed. This garment was the one that called to me first so that's the one that made it into my sketchbook.

I wandered on the other floors looking for some historical artifacts. I found a display of earthenware vessels and a beautiful menorah.

This intricately designed Torah Scroll Case was beautiful. It is always hard to decide how much detail to include in a sketch.

After lunch some of the sketchers headed back inside, but Mia, Sue and I decided to find a sunny spot and stay outside. I was wearing my winter sketch clothing so I figured I would be warm enough. 

I've sketched the Guggenheim from the inside, but this was my first opportunity to sketch it from the outside.

Guggenheim Museum

Looking the other way was the National Academy Museum which I've never visited.

National Academy Museum

By the time I was nearly done with the National Academy sketch we were getting too cold to sit there any longer, so Mia and I started heading to our respective modes of transport. I headed back to Penn Station where I sketched a few people. I had done a sketch there at Central Market in the morning after I had my breakfast. There is always a cast of characters inside Penn Station.

Central Market in Penn Station done after breakfast.
Travelers on the 7:40 am train out of Ronkonkoma.

Lady in the coffee shop.

Lady on the return train to Ronkonkoma.


  1. Great sketches as always Joan. Missed you at the Thorspecken class!

  2. Thanks, Jeff. My time is not always my own lately. Glad you were able to go.


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