Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thomas Thorspecken Comes to Manhattan

This past weekend NYC Urban Sketchers sponsored a class with master sketcher Thomas Thorspecken at Pearl Studios on Eighth Avenue.  I was thrilled as I've studied from his book since joining with the Sketchers a year and a half ago.   This was a power packed class and lots of local Sketchers showed up.

I did this sketch over my notes…

As belly dancers gyrated next door, Tom demonstrated his technique and led the class on exercises that brought the lessons home.

I have a fascination with palettes and here is Tom's. His warms are mostly cobalts: red, orange and yellow.

Here is one of the exercises… anchors of large, medium and small figures.  

Our fearless leader Mark (with his very distinguished new beard) posed as we did another exercise demonstrating depth.

Over lunch I sat in Tick Tock Diner on 34th Street and did a portrait of Pat, whose work I like.  She said I made her look 22 but she is already 22.

Then joined the group at Grand Central Station where I did a sketch of a young woman checking messages….

After the class we gathered for some beers, after which I wandered to Herald Square and did a sketch of the bar at The Harold, trying to incorporate what I just learned.

I never went to art school so its a thrill to catch up and learn from a great teacher.  Thanks Mark for organizing the event.  And thanks Thomas Thorspecken for sharing your talent!  Hope to see all you Sketchers soon on the streets of New York City!

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  1. Looks like a great workshop and you seem to get a lot out of it! Good work, Jeff!


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