Thursday, May 19, 2016

Three Sketching Days in the City with Wendy

A blogging friend, Wendy Barrettt from Perth, Australia was visiting NYC recently. She was in town for two weeks. We had never met before but we have followed each other's blogs for several years and felt like we knew each other a bit. She contacted me and Mark a while ago to let us know she would be visiting and wanted to sketch with us. Wendy is an artist and writer, and has done some outdoor sketching but isn't a member of any urban sketching group back in Perth. We're not sure if Perth even has an urban sketching group.

She managed to be here for some of the worst spring weather we've had in a long time.  Her first week it rained or showered nearly every day, and it was cold. I went in to meet Wendy for the first time, and our first sketching destination was Times Square. We lucked out that the morning was dry, so we set up at one of the tables and did some sketching of the scene and the characters that make that area so much fun.

Here we are at one of those tables that come in so handy.

This is what we were sketching.

By the time we headed for lunch it was starting to drizzle, so after lunch we went to MOMA to see the wonderful Degas exhibit and some of the other work there. We were there until they herded us out. lol

Wendy loved this Van Gogh.

Joy and I were hosting the NYC Urban Sketching event that Saturday.  Our sketching location was supposed to be Central Park, but since rain was predicted again we headed to Grand Central instead. Wendy hadn't been there yet and I think she enjoyed it. 

I have a copy of her sketch done from one of the balconies.
Sketch above by Wendy Barrett

I focused on the "I love NY" info booth, the obligatory clock, and a train on one of the platforms.

The following Tuesday Elissa and Ella hosted at Bethesda Fountain, and we joined the group again. In addition to Wendy visiting we had two people from Portugal with us. The Bethesda Fountain area is such a great place to sketch and later to share our work. 

My version of Bethesda Fountain.

Wendy's version.
Sketch above by Wendy Barrett

My second sketch.

Wendy's second sketch of the fountain.

Wendy had a great time sketching with Toi and talking to everyone.

I did one final sketch before Wendy and I left the group and walked around the park.

One great thing about the internet and Urban Sketchers is that it has made it possible to meet an entire world of people and make friends across the world. I think that everybody always makes our visitors feel welcome in our group.

This was the last day that Wendy and I sketched together. After her time in NYC she was headed to Massachusetts, Indiana, and Washington, DC. I hope that Wendy does a post of her own from her trip here. She did sketch in other locations around the city and it would be fun to see all of her sketches and her reactions to the city. It was really great meeting her and showing her a bit of our city. Maybe some day I can head "down under" and visit her in Australia.

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