Tuesday, May 17, 2016

WEDNESDAY: Sketch Rockerfeller Park

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rockefeller Park Stretches along the Hudson River just north of Brookfield Place.

There  are interesting park buildings, waterfront scenes, koi ponds, playgrounds and lots of
people to incorporate into our drawings.

The Lilly Pond in Rockefeller Park at the end of Vesey Street between the Irish Hunger Memorial and the Ferry Terminal. We can work there for a while and then move around the park for other views.

10 AM. We can break for lunch around 12:00. Bring lunch or buy something from Hudson Eats. There’s a Pain Quotidian across the street from the Irish Hunger Memorial on River Terrace for coffee drinkers.

2,3 Park Place;
A,C Chambers St;
E World Trade Center;
N,R  Cortland Street.
Walk to Vesey Street and walk towards the River.
Walk to the end of the street and continue past the Irish Hunger Memorial to the Lilly Pond.

Looking for us? Call Maureen at 917-855-1803

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