Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekday Urban Sketchers Celebrate Chinese New Year

This week is the beginning of Chinese New Year and Urban Sketchers Chapters around the globe are celebrating by sketching at the various exhibitions and celebrations in their cities.   We will join the celebration at the China Institute in lower Manhattan.  The current exhibition "Art in a Time Of Chaos" has a timely ring to it.  The exhibit focus is on the 3rd to 6th Centuries in Chinese art. The work produced in this epoch is responsible for "laying the foundation for Chinese artistic standards, genres, subjects and themes that continue to define Chinese art today". Join us as we explore this  little known cultural institution in Manhattan's Financial District. 

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TIME: 10:30 AM
              We will spend the morning in the China Institute. After our lunch break we will decide to go back or move to another location. (Trinity Church or Federal Hall or an outdoor location if the weather permits) 

                       100 WASHINGTON STREET (temporary entrance at 40 Rector St. 2nd floor) 
            NOTE: There is an entrance fee of $4 for Seniors and Students and $8 for "Juniors".  You will need of ID to get through security in the building.

TRANSPORTATION: 1 train to Rector Street or the 4, 5 to Wall Street.

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at  Looking for us? Call Raylie at 201-978-6387.    Bring a stool and dry medium (pencil or color pencil only) to work with. 

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