Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekend Sketch Notice

Upcoming Sketch Events

1.  There will be no sketch event for this coming weekend.  I have a family commitment.  There will be many activities happening in NYC.  If you’re out and about - take a sketch book and share what you find.

2.  I need help.  We’ve been running the NYC weekend group with weekly sketch events since we started nearly six years ago.  That’s a demanding schedule, but frankly it’s been a labor of love.  However the group will be better served by having more people become active.  If we all take turns our individual small efforts will produce large results.

3.  I intend to share our upcoming 2017 calendar so you can see dates that are available:

     January 21 - No sketch event

     January 28 - Sketch the Chinese New Year Parade

     February 4 - The Portrait Party

     February 11 - Sketch the Hearst Tower with Leslie Sim

     February 18 or 19 - OPEN

     February 25 - 26 - OPEN

4.  If you have an idea for a sketch event send an email to me directly and we’ll work on it.  Any weekend date for the rest of the year is open to your creativity and inspiration.

 January 28 - Sketch the Chinese New Year Parade

   February 11 -
Sketch the Hearst Tower 
-  The Chinese New Year sketch will be outdoors, details to follow.

-  The fourth annual Portrait Party isn’t really Urban Sketching but is a NYC tradition.  The Portrait Party is an awesome event but involves hours of sketching. It has specific rules and requires you to sign up in advance - details to follow.

-  The Hearst Tower is going to be real treat.  This architectural award winning building is not open to the public. I’ve wanted to get in to look around and to sketch the interior for years.  NYC sketcher - Leslie Sim has gotten us special permission to get inside.

If you want to pick a date that you will help organize - send an email directly to me at:

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