Friday, February 3, 2017

American Museum of Natural History, February 2, 2017

It's Nothing But Fun

I'm talking about sketching animals with the weekday NYC Urban Sketchers while in the American Museum of Natural History. Everybody was commenting on how dark the museum is. Not me. IPat shines with a glow that comes from deep inside. Doesn't keep me from drawing wonky legs but that's a topic for another conversation.

I had an early appointment (eyeball day) that took longer than usual so I met up with everybody in the museum's cafeteria. There were So Many sketchers, never saw so many, and everyone had beautiful drawings and paintings from the first part of the day- but I had none. Well, I made up for that.

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used:
#1 Finngr Pro and Sketch Club
#2 Tayasui Sketches Pro; Sketch Club

Pat Gaignat  (this was reprinted from my blog

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