Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SUNDAY: Sketch the Tango.

Discover for yourself why the tango is so seductive.

Tango is a partner dance that originated in the 1880s along the River Plate, the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay, and soon spread to the rest of the world.  Tango is a vibrant and playful dance with a rich potential for expression and improvisation. It is often described as a passionate dance, because of the close connection partners can have, the character of the music, and also relating to some of the dance's history.

At the heart of tango is the desire to listen to, understand and converse with the person you're dancing with, through this unique language of dance.  In tango there is a 'leader' and 'follower'. Through the embrace, the leader offers invitations to the follower for where and how to step. The follower decides in what way they will accept the leader's invitations. Both leader and follower try to maintain harmony and connection through the embrace, and with the music, and so the dance is born.   Like the symbols of yin and yang, the roles of leader and follower each have a little of the other within them.

Sketching the Tango might be the most challenging art experience.    Each couple embrace closely, they move to the music in a counter clockwise circle.  They never stand still.  In addition to each couple moving in circles the entire dance floor moves in the same counter clockwise fashion, so there is a new couple being presented  for you to sketch every moment. Constant motion, wonderful costumes and great music.  Sketching the Tango has it all.

A  rare opportunity to be a fly-on-the-wall at an authentic tango "milonga" (dance). It's also a birthday party for new Urban Sketcher member and longstanding tanguera, Lucille Krasne, and you're all invited to partake in the fun. Join us for a warm and welcoming afternoon of sketching dancers, meeting old and new friends, heartbreakingly beautiful bandoneon music, and, of course, cake.

This Sunday, Feb 26, 1- 5 PM
Come when you can for as long as you can

Session 73, 139 1st Avenue, at 73rd St., Manhattan:
A venue known for nightly live music, cocktails, and casual dining.

The new Q subway line stops at 72nd St and Second Ave.
If coming by car and not able to park on the street, here's a map of nearby parking lots

No cover charge for non-dancing Urban Sketchers, so identify yourself at the door

Food and Drink:
A delicious and reasonably priced brunch is available and encouraged, but purely optional; there's also a full bar. Click the link for details.

Casual is fine, though many of the dancers may be dressed in tango attire  

Show and Tell:
4:30 in the back room of the restaurant, where we will share drawing and good stories

Shawne Cooper and Lucille Krasne (aka Guest of Honor and birthday girl)

Contact: Shawne Cooper 
via email or text at  917.880.9249 
or Mark at 973-809-9128

First sketching event?:
All drawing levels are welcome

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