Thursday, December 27, 2018

It's Party Time!

NYC Urban Sketchers 
Holiday Party

Sunday January 6th is the date. 
From 1 - 7:00 PM 
We're having the party at the same place as last year.

I can't think of anyone I'd rather be than my fellow sketchers to ​commemorate 2018 and​ to​ kick​-​off the new year.  We had such a blast last year, for our first party, that it seemed obvious to get together again.

For anyone who wasn't there last year you will be stunned by the views​ from our penthouse party spot.  You'll have the chance to sketch sweeping views of New York Harbor as well as the ever changing silhouette of the Wall Street area.

Food will be catered by a local Italian restaurant providing vegetarian and meat main dishes, pasta, salad, dessert, and soft drinks.  DESSERTS are needed. Please bring a dessert to share. You are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages to share.

What would a party be without gifts?  We're going to have two different gift exchanges. 

1)  Original Artwork:  If you'd like to participate ​bring a sketch that you feel proud about.  It needs to be matted and gift wrapped so no one can see the artwork.  By bringing artwork to give ​- ​you get to pick a wrapped package that will ​contain original artwork done by a fellow Urban Sketcher.

2)  The Gift Exchange:  Do you have unused art supplies you'd love to trade?  So does everyone.  You bring yours and we'll bring ours.  Gift wrap your offering and you get to pick a wrapped gift that will contain someone else supplies.​  ​

The exchanges are separate events, 
​... ​bring artwork and you get to pick artwork,
​... ​bring art supplies and you get to pick art supplies.  
Participation is optional

🎈 Click here to reserve your spot:  

Tickets to cover our expenses are $25.  Your purchase will be refundable up to 7 days before the event. If inclement weather tries to ruin our party, an alternate date will be set. 

We'll be sending details and direction to everyone who signs up.

We need volunteers for the setup, decorations, food stuff, and general helping out.  Respond directly to me if you're willing to help.

Mark Leibowitz

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