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Saturday: Sketch DeKalb Market

Saturday, March 2nd – 
DeKalb Market Hall at City Point
445 Albee Square West, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Hosted by Danna Feintuch

DeKalb Market is a feast for the eyes and the belly. With 40 different food vendor stalls, each decorated differently, with great signs, colors, and neon. It's pretty quiet until lunch time when the market will fill with lots of people to draw. 


Where:  DeKalb Market Hall is located on the basement floor at City Point Shopping Center. 445 Albee Square West, Brooklyn.  There are an amazing number of subways very close to the Market.

-   Q, R, B @ Dekalb Station.
-   A, C, F @ Jay St. MetroTech
-   2, 3 @ Hoyt St.

See map below.

When:  Start at 10 a.m.  Meet on the lower level by the escalators.
There are 2 sets of escalators. We'll meet by escalator you would take if you entered from Flatbush Ave. next to the Trader Joe’s. I’ll be wearing a red bandanna so you can find me.

-   Running late?  Come any, we'll be there!

Lunch12:30 PM The Dekalb Market Hall has 40 Vendors with an amazing diversity of tasty choices like Katz Deli, Pierogi Boys and Ample Hills Creamery to name a few. Choosing just one to eat will definitely be the hardest part of your day!!! For lunch, I suggest eating wherever you can. By this time on weekends, the hall can get very crowded. So, eating in small groups is recommended.

Afternoon1:30 PM  - Back to sketching the Market or consider going up a couple floors to Target or Alamo Drafthouse for the big window view.

Show and Tell:  3:00 PM - We will meet at the back room of the Market. There are big bench tables there where we'll create a space for ourselves.

-   Bringing a stool gives you more options although if you arrive at 10am there’s plenty of seating. It does get busier but if you’re patient to wait for the right seat, you’ll get it.
-  More info at

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If you can’t find us
call or text Danna at 646-773-6820

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

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