Sunday, January 26, 2020

Weekday Sketchers at Juilliard Concert and Rubenstein Atrium Tuesday

Join us this week for a double billing. 

First we will gather at the Rubenstien Atrium, which is part of Lincoln Center.  This beautiful public space with greenery growing up the walls will give us a chance to capture people in an soaring indoor space to practice proportion and scale.  You can get coffee and food in the atrium.  

Next we will walk to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church for Juilliard's Ancient Instrument Concert at noon.  What could be better than listening to beautiful music while sketching the musicians in a spectacular Gothic setting?  

Rubenstein Atrium

Holy Trinity Church

Returning to the Lord, our God
Interior Holy Trinity Church

Please RSVP directly to Raylie Dunkel at  No need to bring a stool. Plenty of chairs wherever we go.  You are welcome to join for either part of the program or both.  Please note that if you come only for the concert it starts promptly at noon.  Dry materials only in the church. 

There will be no formal lunch break.  You can grab a bite to eat before leaving the atrium for the church or have lunch following the concert at 1:00.   Following the concert we will gather in the church lobby for a quick "throw down". You can then return to the atrium or go to the American Craft Museum on Broadway and 66th St for an afternoon of drawing.




                        PART I:  RUBENSTEIN ATRIUM. 
                                      Broadway btw 62nd and 63rd St on west side of the street. 

                         PART II: HOLY TRINITY CHURCH
                                         CETNRAL PARK WEST AT 65TH ST.



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