Wednesday, June 3, 2020

SATURDAY: Stories and Sketches

SATURDAY, June 6, 2020 
starts at 10 AM

Adding words to your drawings and paintings can add an extra dimension to your sketchbooks. It can enhance the mood you've created, give power to an idea, and evoke powerful memories. And you don't need to be a poet to express your unique authentic voice.

Shawne Cooper will be leading this session. On Saturday, she'll show some inspiring images that combine words and pictures. Shawne is an active Urban Sketcher with a professional background as an advertising copywriter. She's a firm believer in the beauty of combining the visual and the verbal—that 1  + 1 can add up to more than 2.

Morning Session:  10 AM to 11:55 AM EDT
Something or someone that you miss.

Afternoon session:  1:00 PM to 2:55 PM EDT
Something good that's come out of these last few months for you.

You're free to interpret the assignment any way you like. Or, you can choose another topic entirely. You can draw inspiration from objects in your home, from the great outdoors, home movies, personal photographs, the internet, or your imagination.

Registration closes on Friday at noon.  You will recieve log-in details on Friday afternoon.


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