Monday, June 29, 2020

Weekly Theme: Food Glorious Food

Tomatoes - Mel.jpg
Tomatoes sketch by Mel Barranco

ART and FOOD are creative channels that nourish our health and well being. We love both, so why not combine them? This week's theme was suggested by Susan Chavez after viewing the colorful salads that Sophie Cheung makes with vegetables from her garden. For this week's theme we will be sketching and painting the various foods that we buy, prepare and eat. Let's look for some foods with eye-catching, appetizing colors, and draw from life to make interesting images of preparing, cooking and presenting food in creative ways. Play and have fun. Give your foods some personality or experiment with different forms of food. Remember foods make great models - they stay still when they pose for you.

Need some ideas for inspiration? Here are a few suggestions:

 Colorful Foods, Seasonal Fruits

Pear - Joan.jpg
Pear sketch by Joan Tavolott

Onions sketch by Margaret Casagrandes

Shawne - Cherries.jpg
Cherries sketch by Shawne Cooper

Eye-Catching Arrangements with Fresh Garden Vegetables  


Carrots - Sophie.jpgRadishes - Sophie.jpg
Vegetables from Sophie Cheung's Garden

Interesting or Unusual Produce at the Local Farmer's Market

artichoke - Sophie.jpg
Vegetable sketches by Sophie Cheung

A Beautiful Salad

Colorful Fruit Salad prepared by Sophie Cheung

An Artistic Table Setting

Lemons - Lynne.jpg
Lemons sketch by Lynne Friedman
Apples  - Elaine.jpg
Apples sketch by Elaine Marks


Well, you get the idea. Remember to post your work on 
and add the hashtag #nycurbansketchers.
If your sketch is not done from real life, please add NUS (not an urban sketch) to your post.

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