Thursday, July 9, 2020


An Insider's Guide to Grand Central Station
a Virtual Sketch Tour designed and hosted by Judy Garza

Morning Session:

Hidden Areas of GCT.

This version of Grand Central covers 76 acres. The train yard runs from 42 nd to 54 th on a double deck platform. This leaves a lot of room to explore. Prior to the pandemic, 750,000 people would go through GCT each day – from commuters to tourists to locals shopping. We will explore some of areas that you may have missed on your visits.

Afternoon Session:

Myths of the Terminal

Many people, often with large egos, have been involved in the building and renovating of the Terminal. We will explore some of the quirks that are associated with the building’s history, including: the painting of the constellations on the main ceiling, other artifacts of the ceiling, how correct is the time in the terminal, is it Vulcan or Hercules on the fa├žade, where is the tree and why the rats?




Click here to see additional details and to register:
  • Registration closes at noon on Friday
  • The Virtual Sketch event starts at 10 AM on Saturday July 11, 2020

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