Monday, July 20, 2020

Weekly Theme: A Day At the Beach 

The Dog Days of Summer are here!  It is hot, it is humid.  Perfect weather for the beach!

Rockaway Beach, NY Guide: How to Plan the Perfect Day! | Hello ...

Sand, water, boardwalks and blankets make for a perfect day at the beach no matter where in the NY metro area you live. The sights, aromas and sounds of crowds, concession stands and amusement parks offer us a wide variety of subject matter for our sketching.  

Rockaway Beach

Wether in person or virtually,  a day at the beach evokes everything from beautiful sunrises, walks along the water, and fun at the boardwalk's concessions.  Capture the light on the water, the bathers dipping their toes into the surf or the people screaming as they careen around the roller coaster.  Come in for a closer view of beach memorabilia at the Coney Island Museum (managed by one of our own USKers, Marie Robert) and catch the Steeplechase iconic "Happy Face" or a fun house mirror in your sketchbook.  Or try to capture the colorful signs and amusement rides that are iconic to beachfronts everywhere. 
Coney Island | NYCEDC

For those willing to use the subways many of the beaches in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx are only a Metrocard away.  Treat yourself to a ferry ride to the Rockaways.  The one hour ride from lower Manhattan is only the cost of a subway ride and you will feel as if you were on a long needed holiday.  (Ferries are running on a limited schedule and smaller capacity, but they are running).  Have a car? The choices are amazing all along Long Island and the Jersey Shore.  

So, pack a picnic lunch, a blanket and your sketchbook and enjoy a Day At the Beach!

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