Wednesday, August 19, 2020

SATURDAY: The Hometown Sketch

For Saturday August 22, 2020 - starting at 10 AM

Since the pandemic started and we began our virtual sketching adventures we have turned our backs on what was for years an inexhaustible source of inspiration.   New York City - our hometown is calling.  We will spend Saturday drawing the places we love best and the activities that we miss.   

Yes, we will return.  Let’s consider this day of sketching a bookmark, saving our place so we can return enthusiastically when it’s safe to be out sketching together.

  • AM - The NYC places we miss
  • PM -  The NYC things we miss doing

Definitions and Rules:

  1. NYC refers to all five boroughs of our city - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.
  2. You can use any source material you like including personal photographs,  Google Maps and any website you like.
  3. For visitors from other cities and countries, if you’ve never been to our town please share with us the things you’d love to see and do when you do visit us.

To participate you will need to register in advance.  Registration ends on Friday at noon.   You will receive an email from us on Friday afternoon with the login details.

To register now - click here:  

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