Wednesday, August 12, 2020

SATURDAY: Poetry Sketching

We have two interesting ideas to explore. The morning session will be completely different from the afternoon event.


Sometimes the most obvious thing to do when looking for topics for our sketch events is to look at what our group is posting. 

A lot of people had a hand in suggesting this morning’s topic. Suzanne Cleary (who teaches poetry) suggested using favorite quotes. Shawne Cooper led an event a few weeks ago that got us to incorporate words with our pictures. And this week Susan Chavez refined the idea by using a poem as her inspiration.

Poetry is an adjacent art form with a depth and richness equal to our own sketching. We can honor the value of poetry with our art.

Your challenge this morning is to take a line of poetry that has special meaning for you and explore it with an image you create. Feel free to use the entire world for source material. Include the lines from the poem that influenced you.


The Repurposing Project - Things are manufactured with a purpose in mind. Artists are creative enough to see these objects in a broader context. As artists we have the unique vision to create new missions for old objects. Pick your object and show us how you'd repurpose it. Feel free to use your artwork and words to tell your story. Humorous uses are encouraged.


Registration closes at noon on Friday.  Our virtual sketch event will happen this coming Saturday from 10 AM EDT until 3 PM 

Click here to register.

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