Wednesday, October 7, 2020

SATURDAY: Sketch the Blue Rider

A virtual sketch event created and developed by Grace Polk

A little more than one hundred years ago the European based artworld exploded in color.  A few weeks ago we explored some of the wonderful artwork created by the French based artists.  But France wasn’t the only place that was reacting.  German artists in the area around Munich were inspired by similar influences at the time.  

The paintings they created are the launch pad for our explorations this week.  Grace Polk has created a fascinating journey for us that will include sites and sounds.  Yes the artists of the Blue Rider school were also inspired by the music that was being written at the time.

For our Morning:  We'll be sketching the sites and scenes that inspired the group.

For our Afternoon:   We will sketch the places and things we call home but we'll use the style and colors developed by the Blue Rider School.

Grace has provided many links for our sketching -  here's a good place to start:

WikiArt: Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider)




  • To attend you will need to register.
  • Click here to register:
  • Registration will close at noon EDT on Friday
  • On Friday afternoon, after registration has closed everyone who signed up will receive a separate email with login information and a more complete list of reference sites you can use.
  • Our virtual sketch event will start at 10 AM EDT on Saturday.

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