Monday, October 12, 2020


Sketch by Suzala Zahler

Look around. Take some time to notice the the people who are busy working all around us. You are sure to see construction crews, school crossing guards, police officers, and all those folks who cannot work from home during the pandemic. This week our theme is to depict the worker on paper. We have plenty of models available and the weather is still nice enough to sketch outside. This is our opportunity to draw human figures and faces, and to their render gestures. Try to catch people in different poses such as bending, turning and waving their arms. 

Sketch by Marianne Mizoff
Sketch by Jeffrey Levine

Other examples include car wash attendants, waiters, hairdressers, people on utility poles, gardeners and delivery folks. Be realistic or abstract, but have fun as you capture people at work ... or taking a break.

Sketch by Mel Barranco
Sketch by Jerome Shafer


This will actually be urban sketching, unless you work from a photo. In that case please use the label NUS (non an urban sketch) when posting on

Sketch by Anna Rich
Need more inspiration, take a look here:
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