Wednesday, December 9, 2020

SATURDAY: Sketch American's Historic Homes

There are some buildings that make my sketching hand almost twitch with the mad desire to start sketching.  I see things I want to change, other things I want to emphasize.  I want to get that image down on paper and make it my own.  Maybe you can relate?

Cecilia came up with a load of suggestions.  Almost all of them were interesting and a couple were great.  This one is in the second category.  She found a website that shows Historic Homes of America.  It’s a wonderful dense site with great photos of homes across the country.  When you click on any listing in addition to exterior shots they also show wonderful interior views.  I’d be happy drawing almost anything they listed.

Here is this week’s challenge​:​  Using the website Cecilia discovered​,​ find a home that appeals to you. In the morning we’re going to explore the outside views and in the afternoon we’ll be doing the interiors.  Your challenge is to put people in the picture.  Add yourself, or friends and family, or even your fellow sketchers.  You might even try adding famous people, actors, politicians and celebrities.  

Historic Homes of America

AM - Exteriors - with people
PM - Interiors - also with people


There are no fees. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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