Tuesday, February 2, 2021

SATURDAY: The Annual Portrait Party

The Portrait Party
Covid Style

Welcome to NYC Urban Sketchers Annual Portrait Party.   A lot has changed this year, and there are a number of adjustments we’ve also needed to make for the Portrait Party.

We are  using this event as a fundraiser.  We are asking for a modest voluntary contribution of $5.  If donating is difficult - we understand, please come anyway.

We will all take turns being the model so it is very important that your image on camera is clear and well lit.  Give this some thought and make whatever adjustments are needed so we can see your happy smiling face!  

You will be using your own paper.  We suggest you work life size, meaning 9x12” or 11x14” paper held in portrait mode.  Try to use one sheet of paper for each portrait.   Include the models name at the bottom.  Start thinking of a strategy to work quickly.  Color is wonderful and most people will be working in color.  Use any materials or medium you like.  Working digitally is also acceptable.

     You will have 10 minutes to complete each portrait.  I know that sounds crazy but “necessity is the mother of invention,”  you will devise strategies and by the time you’re working on your last portrait of the day you will have developed your own creative solution - we promise!
Each group will need someone to keep the time.   You can take turns.  Be sure to bring a clock or some way to keep the time.  Each person will get a chance to be the model.  You could take turns based on the alphabetical order for everyone’s first name.  It’s your choice - organize any way you like, but keep things moving.
There will be 5 or 6 people in your group.  After an hour of sketching we will form new groups.  If you stay for the entire day, you will be in two groups in the morning and two in the afternoon and you'll have lots of completed portraits.



There are no fees. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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