Sunday, February 7, 2021

Weekly Theme: Hats, Scarves and Headdresses


Sketch by Leslie Gordon Sim

What we wear on or about our heads says a lot about us. Since time immemorial, headwear speaks of our position in life, our beliefs and ethnic and cultural background. As a fitting follow-up to our portrait party, this week we will observe and draw people sporting headwear - woolen hats, hoodies, scarves, etc. If it's too cold to be out and about town, dive into the past. For inspiration, take a look at Dolly Madison's signature turbans, Henry VIII's velvet bonnets or the feathered headband of the Wampanong's tribal leader Maasasoit. What hat from history would you like to wear?

Sketch by Arlene Weberg
Photo Courtesy Marianne Milsoff
Please be sure to post your work and add NUS (not an urban sketch) if applicable.

How to draw hats, two different ways
 / Mark Crilley.
How to draw hats that look natural and that look like they really fit.

Thanks to Marianne Milsoff for suggesting this theme, and to Jennifer Ransom for her research on hats.

Sketch by Cecilia Evasco

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