Sunday, May 16, 2021

Weekly Theme: Architectural Textures

Hitting a Brick Wall ...(or sketching it)

Brick wall watercolor hand painting background Vector Image

As our world starts to open up we will be back on the streets sketching the world around us, live and in person!  And what will we be seeing?  Walls, streets and buildings made of stone, brick, wood, slate and asphalt.  Capturing those textures is an excise in layering paint and working the medium to make our sketches more realistic.  This week’s theme is how to render these architectural elements so that we bring life and believability to our work.  Below are a few references, but perhaps the best reference we have is the cadre of Urban Sketchers who teach our workshops, publish books on urban sketching.  They have worked out the process that we can replicate.  Go to the Urban Sketchers web site ( look for the Education tab and then click on Instructors.  You will find more than 60 people who you can look up their work, read their books and follow their blogs on how to render the surfaces around us. 

HOW TO RENDER WOOD TEXTURE / using only low-cost markers

Material textures WATERCOLORS | Step by step | for architecture

Watercolour Textures (Pinterest)

Stone Wall Texture Watercolor

Brick Texture Watercolor

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