Wednesday, May 5, 2021

SATURDAY - Sketch your Cabinet of Curiosities

From an idea suggested by Suzanne Cleary,

Image created byAaron Mahnke

You live a life, ​...  ​and you collect things.  

Walk on a beach and it’s hard not to bend down to collect a shell or an interesting piece of driftwood.  The things we collect are so personal.  We pass by innumerable things every day, objects with no special meaning to us, anonymous things.  But every so often an object calls out.  We pick it up.  We examine it.  And, for whatever reason, that object comes home with us.

Some curiosities are store-bought, we get others as gifts.  When I was 22 I hitched across the US.  One ride took me through Death Valley.  The driver wanted to stop at  Zabriskie Point and climb down to the ancient river bed.   It was staggeringly hot and dry.   As we walked along I noticed a rock on the ground, it seemed like two rocks fused together​.  Mostly it was a gray stone but the fused part was red.  I poured some water on the rock and the red became “blood red” and the rock went into my pocket as a reminder of my trip.  I still have it, … somewhere.  It became the symbol of my entire adventure.  

Curiosities - we all have them.


Find yours.   Get them out and use an artist’s eye to arrange them into a compelling piece.

  • AM:   My Curiosities
  • PM:   The Story of my Curiosity (either imagined or real).



There are no fees. All drawing skill levels are welcome

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