Wednesday, September 15, 2021

SATURDAY: Workshop - Discover Painting with Acrylic Ink


Saturday October 2nd:  
Join Artist/Author - Missy Dunaway for 
an exciting day sketching in the park

Bring your sketchbook and acrylic inks for a day of urban sketching with artist and author Missy Dunaway. This class is a great introduction to painting with acrylic ink and working "form first." 

Missy will demonstrate how she begins a painting by breaking down a complex composition into large, simplified shapes of color, then gradually refining forms and adding detail. The lesson will focus on exaggerating the nuance of color in light, capturing accurate proportions for a realistic rendering, and breaking free from reality to heighten an evocative atmosphere that viewers can feel. Missy will begin class with a demo then go from student to student to offer personalized guidance.

Materials list: You are welcome to bring your favorite art materials from home, as the general concepts of the lesson can be applied to any media. If you would like to try something new​Missy recommend​s​ acrylic ink. Here's what's in ​her painter's box. ​Missy ​will bring extra to share.

-1 Moleskine Sketchbook (the classic sketchbook, size large)

-FW Acrylic Artist Ink by Daler Rowney
Colors: Process Cyan, Rowney Blue, Indian Yellow, Process Yellow, Flame Red, Crimson, Light Green, White
-Watercolor brushes
I use Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brushes. If you prefer a synthetic, I recommend Princeton Heritage Series 4050 Synthetic Sable. A range of sizes is preferred, from 2 - 10.
-I mix my colors directly on the page and do not use a palette. However, you may prefer one, and that's fine! An egg carton palette is great for a fluid medium like acrylic ink.
-I avoid spills and ensure my ink jars are safe and upright by keeping them in a painter's box. A shoebox should work just as well.


Lots more details at the Eventbrite page where 
you can register for this three hour $55 workshop:  


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