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As an artist do you work with the end in mind? Are you bringing your full vision to life? What if you were only interpreting a small piece of an image you had never seen? 

Expand your creativity and perceptions through collaboration with other artists on a mystery image. This workshop will offer you the opportunity to challenge how you see your artwork along with others and the chance to collaborate with your fellow urban sketchers. The whole is greater than all the parts. Let’s see how our contributions come together to create a powerful piece of artwork.

We will create a reproduction of a work of art by assigning one square piece of the image to each of the workshop participants. The image as a whole will be a mystery until you attend the workshop. Work with a community of other artists and see how they approach their image making. Pre-workshop work is required for the first image; another will be created live in class. We will review and discuss our approaches, then see how our perceptions change as we try a new image live during the workshop.

Upon sign up you will receive your piece of our image collaboration, along with more instruction. You will then email it back to us no later than one day before the workshop. You will reproduce your perfect square in the medium of your choice and then email a digital version of it back to us. We will stitch the pieces together digitally and during the workshop we will reveal the completed image. Each of you will take the spotlight and discuss your process. We learn from each other through sharing our experiences creating our squares.

After the reveal of the first collaboration, we will do a second collaboration live, together during the workshop. We will discover how we adjust our approach to the second image. What do we really see as opposed to what we paint, how important are the edges in our individual pieces? You need to be able to photograph and email your piece during the workshop so we can assemble our second collaboration.

The cost for this 2 hour workshop is $35.  You will need to complete some pre-class work to participate.

● Artists Frieda Christofides and Susan Greenstein will share the concept of this work
● Share the complete assembled image and the separate art squares
● Discuss what was successful, what was challenging
● Present a new challenge that we will work on together during the workshop
● Email your squares and we’ll assemble the second image
● All images will be distributed to the class

Each artist can use the medium of their choice. During the workshop you will need a perfect square piece of paper that can use your medium and a method to photograph your work and email it during the workshop.

“When at an impasse, look at the work of masters."   ” -- Irwin Greenberg

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