Sunday, November 18, 2012

New York City – November 17, 2012

The warmth of summer seems like a long time ago.   We sketched today at the northeast end of Central Park.  We started at the Duke Ellington Circle and it must have been right at the edge of freezing.  As the day progressed it warmed up and maybe got to 50 degrees (10° C)

The sun was brilliant and there were still lots of autumn colors left, which was surprising considering how powerful and destructive Hurricane Sandy had been to New York two weeks ago. 

After drawing Denise and I walked along Fifth Avenue and went to the Wayne Thiebaud show at the Acquavella Galleries.   The man is a treasure.  His colors are almost too rich to be believed with layered  buttery heaps of paint throwing off shimmering iridescence color.  

Thiebaud is also the master of a kindred form of Urban Sketching.  He creates fantasy urban landscapes with incredible tilting planes and impossible perspectives.  If you saw the movie "Inception", or even remember the advertising, ... the crazy tilted streets, upending on themselves -  those scenes from the movie have a flavor of Thiebaud’s SurrealUrban Paintings.


  1. Beautiful sketches. I'm so happy to see an NYC USK blog! Hope you post your scheduled outings in case I'm in the area.

  2. Beautiful!!
    I just discovered this blog. Bookmarked it.


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