Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Urban Sketchers NYC
Saturday September 1, 2012

It’s taken me awhile to scan the drawings we've been doing.  On this particular Saturday we tried something different.  We all agreed to a 10 minute rule.  Each sketch had to be completed in ten minutes.  We kept moving from one spot to the next, starting at the Northwest end of Central Park and we finished at Grant’s Tomb overlooking the Hudson River. 

You could argue it both ways.  Either ten minutes wasn't enough time to get down anything decent.  Or you could say that ten minutes isn't enough time to ruin the sketch. (see note included with the sketch of Riverside Church below)

Left - On the Subway.  Right - stopped for coffee on the way to meet everyone

Left  - the view down Central Park West. Right - A Green Market

 Cathedral of St. John the Divine, supposedly the fourth largest Christian church in the world, sketched in 10 minutes - a hopeless task!

A Great Sculpture in the South Garden of the Cathedral

Low Memorial Library at Columbia U.

Grant's Tomb

Richard mentioned this quote.  He said he got it from one of the Sketchers in Santa Domingo.  So true.

A crowd of people hanging around Grant's Tomb.  As soon as I decided to draw them - they decided to leave.

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