Sunday, March 24, 2013

At the Brooklyn Library, March 16

I could only spend an hour with the group last weekend but it was still worth the trek to Brooklyn! So many characters to draw in the cafe at the Brooklyn Library:

More people at the Brooklyn Library, Brooklyn, NY

Cafe patrons at the Brooklyn Library, Brooklyn, NY

Man with a hat at Brooklyn Library, Brooklyn, NY

This young man (I think he was 10, but for some reason my sketch makes him look older) stopped to see what we were doing. He ended up taking out his notebook and sketching with us, as we all chatted about Picasso and the Guggenheim -- and then he posed for a portrait.

Posing for a portrait, at the Booklyn Library, Brooklyn, NY

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  1. These are great, especially the guy in the hat! You got a lot done for a short time.


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